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Killuminati Records

For a long time, there has been a force that has been building as an act of a resistance. This resistance from the New World Order and dark rulers of the world has been sparked by 2Pac aka Makaveli as Killuminati Records. We will change the world. The mindset is already here. Over some time, I, Michael Grey, have been studying the world. Waiting. Watching. The time for silent observance is over. The music set forth by Killuminati Records will be the Red Pill that will unlock the masses from slumber and restore matters of the spirit into the prisoners of the flesh. Not everyone is meant to be awoken, but for those that already are or who wonder what's in the rabbit hole, we will help guide you as a lamp in the dark. We are Killuminati. We forgive, but don't forget.

The use of the logo is an inverted version of the Eye of Horus, aka the Eye on the Back of the Dollar Bill. In the same manner that Luciferians and Satanists invert all things Christian, we are inverting their symbols as awareness tools and identifiers for our tribe. Tribe you say? We are not the 12 Lost Tribes, we are the forgotten 12 Tribes. We have awoken and are reclaiming what has been stolen.



Killuminati News Network (KNN)

Staying informed is the key to Killuminati Records. As a Record Company, we stay abreast of geopolitical happenings around the globe, acting as Watchmen. The main idea behind the flow of information is to inspect current events in conjunction with Biblical Prophecy events. We correlate timelines, expected interruptions in the flow of the spirit or in laymen's terms, "disturbances in the force".